LEILA Mermaid Blue Snake - size 37 - Silvia Matei, LEILA, Silvia Matei

LEILA Mermaid Blue Snake - size 37

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LEILA is the definition of the absolute stiletto. Its steepness and crazy thin heel will restyle your body language into the subtle language of seduction, giving you a sharp 120mm lift. 
And have you ever heard the song of the mermaids? You haven't, or you wouldn't be here. Well, even better than hearing, you'll learn how to sing it now. You have the Mermaid Blue snakeskin at your feet. Proceed carefully, this shoe's deadly. 


Reference: LEILA SM01C06
Color: Mermaid Blue
Finish: Glossy 
Material: Water Snake 
Lining: Kid Leather
Sole: Kid Leather
Heel height: 120 mm 



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